About BayAreaWeekend

About the Blog

BayAreaWeekend is all about exploring the Bay Area! I love to spend my free time getting outdoors, trying new food, and seeing what exciting things the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. I am aiming to post once a week about my adventures; these might range from hikes, camping/backpacking trips, local restaurants or shops, to festivals and shows going on.

I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life and am very passionate about it. While I love traveling and exploring new places, I am always so grateful to call this place home. I believe there is a kind of diversity here that is very welcoming and engaging.

If you live here this blog can help you discover new parts of your home (also, I am welcome to any ideas and favorite places you know of too!). If you’re visiting, then hopefully BayAreaWeekend can give you some ideas to help you really get to know the area and maybe even get off of the beaten path!

The end goal is really to just get out and explore!


About the Author


I work as a software engineer at a startup in San Francisco. While I grew up in the East Bay, I now live in the South Bay.

A few fun facts:

  • I am addicted to Indian food
  • My favorite band is Future Islands
  • Hiking/camping/backpacking are at the top of my hobby list
  • Red wine (pinot noir and cab) are my drink of choice but I also love a good IPA or sour beer
  • One of my thumbs is smaller than the other

Thanks for reading!

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